Curriculum – Doctor of Natural Medicine

Doctor of Natural Medicine, DNM
Doctor of Integrated Medicine, IMD
Traditional Naturopath, TN

Recommended Curriculum: 70 Credits

Module I – Medical Sciences
SCI 32 Human Anatomy & Physiology
SCI 401 Clinical Biochemistry
SCI 455 Basic Sciences (Human Biology, Histology, Embryology, Microbiology/Parasitology, Genetics, Immunology)
SCI 408 Pathology I

Module II – Natural Medicine Modalities
NUT 304 Clinical Nutrition
NM 303 Botanical Medicine
HM 305 Homeopathy I
NM 507 Functional Medicine
NM 402 Naturopathic Practice I

Module III – Integrated Medicine Diagnostics and Assessments
SCI 418 Holistic Blood Chemistry & Urine Lab Analysis
NM 503 Physical Examination & Diagnosis
IR 400 Iridology I
NM 307 Tissue Mineral and Heavy Metal Hair Analysis (optional)
PHM 608 Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Module IV – Natural Medicine Modalities
NM 401 Naturopathy: History & Practice
NM 309 Detoxification & Nature Cure
NM 310 Color Therapy (Diploma)
NM 311 Gastroenterology I & Colon Therapy
NUT 460 Holistic Nutrition
PT 407 Physiotherapeutic Modalities

Electives: (Requirements for ND)
HM 501 Homeopathy II
PSY 402 Naturopathic Psychiatry
NUT 412 Cellular Nutrition/Oligo & Trace Elements
NM 403 Naturopathic Pediatrics
NM 406 Naturopathic Manipulations I
NM 502 Naturopathic Practice II
NM 506 Naturopathic Manipulations II
NM 518 Naturopathic Womens Health
LAW 418 Jurisprudence
RAD 505 Radiological Analysis

Electives: (Not requirements in ND)
SCI 317 Elemental Chemistry
AY 300 Ayurveda- The Beginner
AY 440 Ayurveda
NM 320 Anti-aging and Longevity
NM 407 Aromatherapy
NM 417 Gastroenterology II – Mayr
NUT 301 Basic Nutrition
NUT 302 Nutrition I
NUT 307 Whole Nutrition
Any courses from the Body/Mind/Consciousness curriculum (See College of Body/Mind/Consciousness)

Clinical Externship: 20 Credits

Clinical Externship:
The clinical externship requirement may be fulfilled by attending and successfully completing pre-approved trainings, seminars, mentor or apprenticeship programs nationally or internationally. In order to receive credit the student must receive a satisfactory pass or certificate of completion from the preceptor and document all clinical training/patients. All clinicals must be pre-approved by the student’s Dean.

If the student finds it impossible to fulfill the above requirements or already have their own practice then they may apply for a special exception. This exception will require that the student submit documentation in the form of either case studies, a research paper and/or other representation of how they have integrated these modalities or course of study into their existing practice. The last alternative would be to complete a research study in the particular science or modality.
For complete description of clinical training see course description for NM 650. Clinical may begin after completion of the student’s final Module, or with approval of the Dean for earlier commencement)

All courses must be documented in order to receive credit.

Core Curriculum, Electives, Practical, or Research/Case Studies
(Minimum without incoming credit)      70
Clinical Externship
(Minimum without incoming credit)      20

Total Credits          90


Core Curriculum, Electives, Practical, or Research/Case Studies
(Minimum) 50
Clinical Externship
(Minimum) 10

Total Credits 60

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