Whole Nutrition


Instructor: Dr. Vic Shayne
The goal of this course of study is to provide a basic foundation in Clinical Nutrition in a
practical/clinical setting. It will introduce concepts that define the term “natural” applied to
modalities of healthcare. Students will be taught the difference between whole food concentrate supplements versus supplements that are fractionated and synthetic. Much emphasis shall be placed
upon the concept of whole food complexes as “whole nutrition” based upon the interdependency
and interaction of myriad nutrients which are naturally found within whole foods prior to alteration by either by cooking, heating, or supplement manufacturing. Students will also analyze disease
etiology (causation) from the perspective of nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition and “foul nutrition,” borne of the typical modern diet which imbalances biochemistry. Students are encouraged to learn the art of working with a patient/client toward better health and understanding of nutrition and whole food complex supplementation.
NUT 307: 4 credits


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