Instructor: Dr. Ellen Tart Jensen
When applied correctly, Iridology is a highly accurate assessment tool for the practitioner in understanding the genetic blueprints as well as the strength and weaknesses of their clients. Learn from one of the most popular instructors on the science of Iridology. Lessons designed to help you study for certification as well as to teach you the practical knowledge you will need to apply in your career. A textbook and video series filmed during Dr. Tart’s Pre-Certification and Certification classes and filled with valuable Iridology instruction and information including: History of Iridology; Iris: Anatomy, Mapping, Zones, Signs, Pigments Topostabile and Topolabile Collarette Wreath Pupil Tonus Constitutional Types and Subtypes by Color and Structure; Collarette & Pupil Relationship to Vitality & Digestion; Shading & Density Contraction Furrows; Lacuna Types; Syndromes: Cardio-Abdominal, Cardio-Renal, Pancreatic; Intro. To Time Risk & Rayid Sclera Signs; Case Studies. Further practical trainings with Dr. Tart-Jensen are available by request. All courses are recognized by the IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association).
IR 400: 5 credits


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