Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy
 Dr. Todd Rowe, Medical Director
Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy
 Dr. Todd Rowe, Director
School of Sacred Arts and Training
Lynn Andrews
Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy
Dr. Todd Rowe, Director

Bauman College & Institute of Educational Therapy, Berkley
Ed Bauman, PhD, President
Bernard Jensen Foundation, Escondido
Art Jensen, President
EDY International; San Francisco
Life Style Counseling Center and Clinic, Escondido
 Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen
New Spirit Naturals, San Dimas, California
Dr. Larry Milam, President


The Farm

Dr. Paul Patchum

Functional and Dental Health Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Tel Aviv, Israel
 Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Director

New Mexico
Albuquerque Clinic for Pain, Stress and Health Rehabilitation
Ralph Luciani, D.O., M.S., Ph.D, M.D.(H), Founder and Medical Director
Alternative Therapy Associates, Santa Fe
Maria Gabrielle, ND
Burnham Systems Studies, Santa Fe
Linda Burnham, ND, LMT
Center for Self Healing, Santa Fe
Willard Dean, MD
New Mexico Alternative Health Center, Santa Fe
Hari Jot Khalsa, ND, PT, PhD
New Mexico Association of Private Schools
New Mexico Naturopathic Association
Terra Nova Children’s Foundation, Taos
Angelika Koch, MCH, RSHom, H.N.H.Ir,
Terra Nova Healing Center, Taos
Angelika Koch, MCH, RSHom, H.N.H.Ir, IAC.
VitaleTherapeutics, Inc., Canjilon
Galen D. Knight, B.S., pH’d, President
University of Metaphysical Studies, Santa Fe
Dr. Helen Stewart, Chancellor

New York
The Atlantic Academy of Classical Homeopathy
Lawrence Galante, PhD, D. Hom
Biosonic Enterprises
John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., R.P.P.
British Institute of Homeopathy
Center for Healing
Dr. Bill Akpinar, MD, DDS, DOM, Shao Lin Master
The Center for Holistic Arts
Lawrence Galante, PhD, D. Hom., R.P.P.
Doctors with Vision, New York City
Dr. Bill Akpinar and Dr. Mark Smith, Medical Directors and Founders
Galante’s School of Tai Chi
Lawrence Galante, PhD, D. Hom., R.P.P.

North Carolina
Center for Effective Living(r)
David Pesek, PhD, Founding Director

Arise and Shine
Richard Anderson, ND, NMD

Natural Path
 Liz Smith, RN
Natural Health Clinic
Larry Weitz, ND, PhD

Apple-A-Day Clinic
Jack Tips, N.D., Ph.D., C.Hom, C.C.N., Medical Director

The School of Natural Healing
David Christopher, BA, MH, AHG

Natural Path Center and Clinic
Chad Oler, ND

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