Toxic Metals and Detoxification by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD

Toxic Metals & Detoxification

Source: Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD


Toxic metals comprise a group of minerals that have no known function in the body and, in fact, are very harmful to plant, animal and human bodies.  Mankind today is exposed to the highest levels of these metals in recorded history.

This is due to their industrial use for the past 300 years, the burning of fossil fuels without scrubbers, and improper incineration of waste materials worldwide.  Toxic metals are now everywhere, and affect everyone on planet earth.  They have become a major cause of illness, aging and even genetic defects.

The study of toxic metals is part of nutrition and toxicology, areas not emphasized in medical schools.  For this reason, this important cause of disease is given little attention in conventional mainstream medicine.  This article focuses on the extent of toxic metal problems – sources of toxic metals, symptoms, and how to remove them safely, quickly and deeply.

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