A Paradigm In Revolution In Naturopathic Medicine

Allopathic medicine has created protocols, which do not necessarily involve ubiquitous patient healing. Western medicine is certainly not concerned in most instances with patient homeostatic optimization. Recently, the American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. There is now an overall disinclination amongst many medical practitioners for patients to obtain a BMI under 25. Bariatric surgery is becoming a very successful surgical procedure, utilized by medical practitioners to favorably modulate a patient’s obesity.

Western medical doctors are quiescently observing their patient population becoming more anxious, stressed, lethargic, emotionally distressed, obese, as well plagued by a myriad of pejorative disorders such as pain syndromes, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, adult ADD, and a bevy of gastrointestinal malaises. The human animal is socially evolving into a compromised pathogenic organism. Medical doctors are now seeing how our contemporary cultural dynamics through a plethora of epigenetic factors are inducing this organism’s homeostatic genotype to become allostatically pathological. Recently, at a highly respected medical conference leading clinical practitioners’ response to this invidious cultural phenomenon was to have patients take more medications to cope with the human organism’s allostatic implosion.

Western medical practitioners are helpless in terms of doing anything to medicinally reverse this virulent cultural scenario. These clinicians are further restricted in their attempts to ameliorate their patients’ health by insurance companies, as well as government reimbursement. It is now impossible to auspiciously treat patients. Medical doctors are further restricted by the mandates of their HMOs or PPOs. Human health in the 21st century is becoming a macabre dream and this abysmal situation is worsening every year.

Medical students in the United States receive limited training in psychological actualizing protocols, stringent exercise strategies, as well as integrated and holistic therapeutic regimes. In general, the western clinician memorizes their way through medical school. Prolific, abstruse conceptions are no longer taught to medical practitioners. The robust human phenotype has been replaced by a pathophysiological representation. The human organism like other higher primates for thousands of years survived without western medical intervention. Western medicine has many exquisite strategies to combat pathologies, which do not have their etiological basis in a modern pathogenic lifestyle. Thus, there is a need for clinicians to synergistically interface their western medical protocols with other arcane therapeutic strategies.

Western medical clinicians both surgically and through their pharmacological prophylaxis are excellent at mitigating many physiological morbidities. However the intent of the healing arts are to ameliorate the human gestalt, and enhance this organism’s environmental milieu. Currently medical doctors are not concerned with actualizing the instinctual proclivities of the human organism. Conversely, the contemporary naturopath in some more edifying universities are being trained to treat non-homeostatic patients without pharmacological regimes, but rather are focused on restoring the body’s magnificent homeostasis. Furthermore, naturopathic doctors (NDs) are likewise directed on engendering cryptic bodily genesis where an individual’s primeval predilections are able to be propitiously developed.

The field of naturopathic medicine is concerned with auspicious remodeling of the human organism; and in contrast to medical doctors who are now narrowing their perspective in terms of their overall vision of health. Naturopathic universities must change their curriculum in order to become concordant with how their medical discipline will be complementary to their MD counterparts.  Currently, most naturopathic universities in the US have not become privy nor have made this necessary transition that must be mandated in order for their graduates to embrace and be trained in this new paradigm revolution. This innovative medical paradigm involves a practitioner thoroughly healing many dimensions of a patient’s all-inclusive pathogenesis. Naturopaths can also become facilitators of a patient’s inner and outer ontological genesis.

The paradigm revolution in naturopathic medicine involves much more than homeopathic remedies, herbal as well as plant extract therapies to heal a wide range of pathologies. It is essential that all naturopaths in their first and second years of training become rigorously competent in organ physiology, molecular biology, western pharmacology, pathophysiology, behavior science, endocrinology, neuroscience and neurology, anatomy, and hematology, all which parallels the standard curriculum in western medicine. The third and fourth years should emphasize a comprehensive integrated and holistic approach to clinical medicine. This involves an ardent education in bio-identical hormonal therapies, Freud and Jungian psychiatric strategies, comprehensive dietary and stringent cross training exercise regimes, indigenous shamanistic healing practices, an understanding of the body’s chakra and inner energy system, regenerative medical therapies, as well as an experiential understanding of body and mind integrative protocols, and non pharmacological plant extract therapies.

This extensive training regime must also be associated with a year of actually working with licensed medical doctors. Moreover, this kind of expansive experiential training will provide naturopathic clinicians with the acumen to not only be complementary with medical doctors, but more importantly to be judicious facilitators to their patients where they can abnegate the pathological morbidities which plagues our contemporary society.

Western medical doctors in most instances are only managing fragrant symptomologies, not the furtive overall pathogenesis of a patient. The concept of normal now represents a phenotype, which is highly pathophysiological. Medical doctors are not treating, nor attempting to remodel a patient’s ostensible chronic physiological morbidities, that are being engendered by the dynamics by our cultural milieu. Conversely, naturopaths who are working with MDs have the responsibility to ameliorate a patients pathogenesis prior to it manifesting into some kind of autoimmune disease, cardiovascular morbidity, and neoplastic malaise, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or debilitating psychiatric disorders.

Freud and Jung both argued that the synergistic interfacement between the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal network is essential for physiological salubriousness. Currently, most contemporary humans do not develop propitious executive cortical workings which denotes an integrated personality as they do not achieve an optimal homeostatic maturation. This pathogenic phenomenon virulently impacts the peripheral neurology of the gastrointestinal system. Human or primate emotionality involves the orbital frontal cortex, the mesolimbic system, and most importantly billions of neurons associated with the enteric nervous system, or the gastrointestinal network.

The complexity of this relationship makes it impossible for multiple pharmacological agents to rigorously modulate the skewed machinations of this physiological coalescence. The epigenetic modifications associated with lifestyle changes are the only way to improve this homeostatic interfacement between the gastrointestinal network and the central nervous system.  Naturopathic clinicians must develop unique treatment strategies to judiciously improve the executive functionality of the central nervous system; and this will translate into a homeostatic regulation of the body’s overall physiology. Naturopathic physicians must work with their patients to facilitate a thorough remodeling of those non-homeostatic cortical circuits associated with the orbital frontal cortex; and this will induce and improve the salubriousness of the gastrointestinal system. This enhanced physiological scenario will likewise impact and rejuvenate the machinations of other bodily organ systems.

Many theorists have argued that humans, unlike other higher organisms, have atrophied or suppressed homeostatic utility of this specie’s highly evolved instinctual predilections. It is evident that the Homosapien genotype did not evolve to live in our overpopulated fabricated environmental milieu. Many medical clinicians have argued that we have taken our contrived environmental landscape to where it is now asymptotic as our technology is pervasively retrograde to this specie’s overall health status. Naturopathic practitioners can efficaciously enhance the medical care provided by traditional medical doctors in terms of managing a patient’s underlying pathogenesis.

Those naturopaths who have adapted the paradigm shift which has been delineated in this article with respect to their advanced training will be able to treat many dimensions of a patient’s lifestyle mediated allostasis. It is necessary that a naturopath enables the patient to develop a highly integrated personality and to coalesce with a concordant environmental milieu which is edifying to this individual’s newly emerging personality. Currently this kind of treatment prophylaxis is not being adapted by any other medical specialty. It is necessary as the integrated personality emerges that patients work with a sagacious naturopath to appropriately modify his or her succinct environmental landscape to be auspicious with the newly emerged integrated personality which is reflective of this person’s genotype.

Societal pressures as well as the contrived epigenetics of our maladaptive social environment must be mollified if a patient is going to achieve emotional and psychological salubriousness. This neurophysiological scenario could negatively impact CRH expression in the amygdala and hypothalamus as well as the over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system and other organ networks. The various cell lines of organ systems could likewise escalate the overexpression of IL-1a, IL-6, TNF alpha and other pro-inflammatory cytokines if there is not a healthy balance between the integrated personality and the environmental landscape. This will induce a reduction in tissue degeneration as well as the virulence associated with the overexpression of noradrenaline and adrenaline. The gut flora will be more homeostatic where certain colonies of bacteria which are toxic or over activate the immune system will be replaced by those that are more efficacious to the homeostasis of the gastrointestinal system.

Naturopathic practitioners who are able to achieve a mitigation in the dysregulation of principal executive super circuits can more readily improve the physiological dynamics of the gastrointestinal system without having to utilize pharmacological agents, herbs, as well as plant extracts. The amorphous term of psychology refers to constructs which may pertain to the actual machinations of particular super executive circuits of the orbital frontal cortex. Neo-Freudians have alluded to emotional functionality becoming aberrant as a result when the body’s primeval sentience is macabrely suppressed which prohibits the auspicious development of the persona.

Exercise is very important to the body’s cellular molecular processes. Many cellular transcriptional activities are only activated as a function of robust physical exertion. The indolence and lethargy of contemporary humans is now associated with obesity and the overall pathophysiology in the modern phenotype. Obesity as mentioned earlier, has been deemed by the American Medical Association to be a direful disease. It has been stated elsewhere in this article that the majority of medical practitioners believe that their patients are no longer capable of losing weight. These medical clinicians are suggesting that their patients undergo some type of invasive procedure such as stapling of the stomach or the placement of sleeves on this organ system. Conversely, these surgical techniques are not acceptable to naturopaths who recommend that bodily lethargy and obesity should not be considered purely as a metabolic condition, but rather represent the pathogenesis of the super executive circuits of the orbital frontal cortex which then translates into a plethora of other medical comorbidities.

Optimal bodily homeostasis requires a synergistic salubriousness between the gastrointestinal organ network and the mesolimbic system, frontal and prefrontal cortexes. The paradigm revolution in naturopathic medicine involves a medicinal synergy in this principal physiologic relationship.  Moreover, the modulation of the environmental milieu cannot occur unless there is a propitious homeostasis between the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal network. Adroit naturopathic practitioners who can achieve this quintessential symmetry will then be able to educate patients to auspiciously modulate his or her environmental landscape to where it is concordant with the succinct homeostatic executive workings of the central nervous system. Patients in most instances will then be amenable to exercise and weight loss without employing a bevy of medications which are not effective but rather are fraught with pejorative side effects.

Naturopathic clinicians who adhere to this paradigm revolution must be knowledgeable how to propitiously and aesthetically sculpture the human torso as well as enhance its functional dynamics. An advanced understanding of weight resistant training, classical dance, martial arts, sprinting, yoga stretching, as well as dietary regimes are required to educate patients how to modulate their bodily physicality. The comprehension of the science of metabolism, dietary regimes, and biochemistry, is also required for naturopaths to enhance the patients’ overall bodily physicality. The human body cannot be optimally physiological unless an individual is willing to ardently condition the torso at least 90 minutes per day. The modern conundrum concerning exercise is that 90% of Americans only walk less than 5,000 steps per day.

Many allostatic Americans are likewise hormonally dysregulated. Naturopaths who adhere to this paradigm revolution must also be competent with endocrinology as well as the use of bioidentical hormones, and meditation techniques to down-regulate the chronic overexpression of cortisol and inflammatory cytokines. This kind of ubiquitous therapeutic modulation by a naturopath who is trained in this paradigm revolution will take sometimes years to achieve in terms of optimizing a patient’s bodily physiology. Naturopathic clinicians must likewise ameliorate the pathogenesis of a patient’s numinous body. This ineffable reeducation requires that a naturopath be sagaciously skillful in the esoteric medicinal arts.

Shamanistic practicioners and oriental medicinal clinicians concur that many physical maladies are engendered by energy pathologies of the etheric body which can also induce the moribund remodeling of the executive circuits of the cortex.  Acupuncture and the arduous practice of formidable body and mind strategies can improve the desecration of the numinous body where it will not virulently impact the physiological machinations of the torso. Thus, naturopaths who are advanced practitioners of this paradigm revolution must also be accomplished medicinal healers in the energy arts as well as shamanistic protocols to therapeutically treat contemporary patients. Modern humans are extremely pathogenic in terms of the arcane functionality of the numinous aspect of the body. This facet of the body has to be medicinally treated in order to enable an individual to achieve some level of ontological genesis. Those naturopaths who adhere to this paradigm revolution will certainly enhance the success of an allopathic medical clinician who realizes that this type of intervention is necessary for their patients to achieve optimal bodily salubriousness.

By: Dr. Ron Shane, Dr. Mark Smith, Andrei Gherghina, DO (pending), Elliot Anavim