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Since 1996 the University of Natural Medicine (UNM) has been offering Doctorate programs in natural health. Recently the University expanded their curriculum to natural animal studies. The University of Natural Medicine provides a rigorous curriculum to help students achieve their career goals and contribute to the expanding world of integrative, complimentary and natural medicine. Globally, UNM has established itself, by:
• Being one of the foremost educational institutions for Natural Medicine in the world through distance learning, practical training and clinical externship.
• Offering training programs that integrate healing practices and knowledge from all disciplines and cultures.
• Providing availability and affordability of education in Natural Medicine for people from all cultures and socio-economics.
UNM now offers Natural Health for Animals Diploma program along with elective classes for Doctoral students.
The Natural Health for Animals program addresses both pet owners and practitioners, enlightening them to the wonders which can be attained through alternative medicine and natural pet healthcare. Until now most pet owners sought medical advice and treatment for their pets from their local veterinarian, but we’re noticing an increasing number of pet owners who nowadays are embracing similar regimens for their pets that they follow for themselves. Good nutrition plays a vital role in a pet’s health and wellbeing. Did you know that a dog’s body functions very similarly to the human body? For example, we need fresh vegetables for a healthy diet, and so do our furry friends. Dogs even require a higher percentage of raw vegetables than cats. But although the food label on a brand of pet food lists a number of vegetables, your pet may still not be receiving all the nutrients it needs. Since most ailments begin with poor nutrition, fixing this one issue can lead to a healthier and happier pet.
Once an animal is experiencing symptoms, or is chronically ill, the curriculum provides a step-by-step guide for alternative cures. Analyzing the symptomology and cause of a condition, then providing practical healing options—through nutrition, herbology, chiropractic care, and/or aromatherapy.

The course work focuses on natural animal healing. Find out:
• How to naturally relieve an animal’s pain and discomfort
• How to avoid toxins and allergens that could harm animals
• How to enable a pet to be energetic and happy.
• When to use pharmaceuticals and alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Sheila Rockley designed this program due to her passion for teaching others about animal health. She has an in-depth background in naturopathic care for both animals and people, emphasizing nutrition and the application of appropriate alternative therapies. She has taken the best that Eastern and Western medicine have to offer and has combined them into an integrative naturopathic practice that has had remarkable results. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Rockley has had an interest in alternative medicine since early childhood and has seen firsthand how effective an integrative health delivery system can be.
Dr. Rockley designed the curriculums and stated, “This coursework is designed for people who love animals and want to learn how to take better care of them by offering them a natural diet and lifestyle. The program is geared towards those wanting to make a career of animal care or those simply wanting a better way to take care of their pets. Did you know an animal’s immunity to fleas, ringworms, mites and a host of diseases can be boosted by making sure the animal is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Both humans and animals are mammals, so their bodies respond very similarly to their environment. Stress, fatigue, lack of vital nutrients, and chronic conditions can all make a furry companion susceptible to serious diseases. This curriculum focuses on the everyday needs of animals such as diet and health to chronic conditions such as cancer, obesity, arthritis and kidney disease.”

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